Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Cards

Ok maybe it is a little early to think about but really with all the Christmas commercials and the red Starbucks cups already out, how can you not think about Christmas! I love sending out and receiving Christmas cards. I love looking at everyone’s pictures and hearing about year to year updates. I also love picking out Christmas cards for our family. Plus Shutterfly is giving away 50 free cards to bloggers, go here to check it out!

I started sending out my own Christmas cards the first year we were married. And I know it is something I will keep doing each and every year. This year I am so excited because Aedan will be in all our Christmas card pictures. I am already brainstorming on what we are all going to wear and what kinds of cards I want to get. I have used a few different companies in the past, but last year we ordered our cards from Shutterfly. I loved them! This year I have already started to look through the card choices even though we haven’t even taken family pictures yet.

Here are a few that I love so far…





I love the  ones with lots of different pictures. I think it is fun to have 1 or 2 pictures where everyone is looking at the camera and then a few pictures where everyone is just being natural. I think it brings so much personality to the cards. Honestly I am absolutely in love with the last one. I love the whimsical look and the monogram at the top. You can check out all the possible choices here.

I am also thinking about putting together a personalized calendar or photobook for grandparent and great grandparents this year. I have already been working on a photobook of Aedan’s first year. I want to make a book every year so that he will be able to easily look back at his baby pictures.

Ok, I am off to make a cup of hot chocolate and start working on Christmas gift lists. Even if it is 75 degrees outside, I can pretend it feels like holiday season, right?!?


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